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Green Charge provides services to a wide variety of customers such as; spill management centers, insurance companies, transportation related companies, commercial business, any event where professional spill management is required, as well as local, state and federal government agencies.  Our Emergency Response services include highway/terminal related incidents, diesel fuel/gasoline/oil clean-up, chemicals clean-up, and petroleum-contaminated soil remediation.

Emergency Response

Green Charge provides emergency spill response services with highly trained field personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Green Charge can respond to an incident in the Central Ohio area with the deployment of our readily available equipment. Our coverage is typically within 2.5 hours of Columbus, Ohio. Upon being alerted to a spill, we dispatch the proper vehicles and equipment to assure the event is contained and properly handled to all parties' satisfaction. Click to view coverage map

Erosion Control

Erosion control is any practice that protects the soil service and prevents the soil’s particles from being detached by rainfall or wind.  Green Charge is devoted to securing and protecting our earth’s soil and waterways, by helping our clients solve the problems caused by erosion and its byproduct-sediment.  We will provide quality erosion control services by keeping you up on your SWPPP, working with inspectors, EPA and other governing agencies.  Our company provides erosion control in a large variety of services including silt fence, straw wattles, dandy bags, beaver dams/curb inlet protection and straw blankets.

Soil Remediation

Soil remediation is the process of excavating contaminated soil and taking it to a disposal site away from ready pathways for human or sensitive ecosystem contact.  Green Charge can provide complete site remediation services, from the excavation of contaminated soil to transportation and disposal (TSDF).  We provide soil testing, excavation, transportation and the disposal of contaminated soil.  Green Charge will help integrate a SPCC Plan which your company may already have in place, depending on the type of materials your company handles, to minimize if not avoid spills that could result in penalties, fines, or costly remediation activities.

Hazmat Training

Green Charge personnel are highly trained with over 100 years of combined experience in the emergency response field. Our training includes; confined space entry, 40 hours HAZWOPER (federally mandated), trenching/excavation, fit tested and certified for use of a full face respirator and SCBA, FRA Trained, First Aid & CPR and more. Green Charge also offers training to the customer in awareness and actions that can be done to avoid and contain spill releases. Our training consists of site specific and real world scenarios customized to the customer. Please call (614) 802-9118 for a price quote. Be sure to specify the class that you are requesting, along with the panned number of attendees.


When there is an emergency event at your business, the responding fire department requires someone who is knowledgeable to present building plans, MSDS sheets and site employee capabilities. The fire department will not chance entry until a good working plan of hazard locations and the identification of chemicals inside the premisis is presented. Green Charge works with your business to update building plans, defining the areas of concern. We assist in the placement location on site so the fire department can quickly take command and reduce physical business damage. Our CAD department can update building drawings as a continued service to assure all information is accurate. Click to view example documentation site

Custom Spill Kits

Let Green Charge help you comply with your SPCC plan with our custom spill kits.  Any business that stores hazardous chemicals is always at risk for a potential spill. Should this ever occur, it is of prime importance to have the proper containment supplies on hand. We can assist in specifying the exact containment chemicals for your site, and then assemble a custom spill kit specific to your needs.  Compared to stock pre-built kits, this greatly reduces the overall cost, while maintaining the products best suited to your business. Of equal importance, every business should have one or more employees that are knowledgeable about the chemicals stored on their property. Green Charge can train your staff per Hazmat regulations. This proactive approach reduces the impact to the environment, employees and business.
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